Historical Mediumship Techniques

Over time, I have found various psychic and mediumship techniques useful when I enter a location to read it's story and history. The first thing I do is read the general impression of a place and really just scan the energy of what is there right now. I use psychic and mediumship for this general... Continue Reading →

Getting Caught off Guard by Mediumship

I firmly believe in not being "open" to reading people or spirit all the time. I think it is unhealthy, exhausting, invasive, rude, and frankly just not necessary to live a full life on Earth. When you constantly have one foot in the spirit world, its impossible to have both feet here grounded on Earth.... Continue Reading →

Energy Reading: Water vs. Land vs. Air

When energetically and mediumistically reading locations, the energies of the water, the land and the air are very different. What do I mean by this? Messages come from energetic vibrations. Psychics and mediums are able to understand the messages of the energy of the unseen and are able to translate the energy into words. If... Continue Reading →

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