Holiday Messages: A Medium’s Perspective

As we are going into the holiday season for many around the world, I know it can be a challenging time for families who have lost a loved one. These family gatherings are so meaningful not only to incarnate spirits, but also continue to be significant to discarnate spirits as well.

In my mediumship readings, starting about November 1st, I began to get holiday messages from spirit. At first when I started getting these messages I rebelled against them because:

  • A) I felt they were way too cliché
  • B) I doubted if I was making these memories and messages up because my own mind logically knows the holidays are coming up and
  • C) They may be general messages that apply to many families

But as reading after reading continued to bring up the holidays and incredible specific evidence, it really gave me food for thought (pun intended) as to the reasons why holiday messages or references may be used by spirit during this time:

  • Energy Pattern – The holiday season goes back centuries in many cultures. This creates a very strong energy pattern throughout time. Meaning these memories stack on one another and create a stronger and stronger impression over time. This can create even greater and longer lasting impressions on us because they are not only “in the moment memories”, but they are tied to memories of our ancestors going back hundreds of years. This can mean it is an easier thought message to send because of the strength of the memory and emotions associated with them.
  • Heirlooms/Hand Me Downs – These are also the times of the year when family heirlooms are displayed or used and can even further the connection of passed loved ones to today. These specific items can be given to a medium as evidential pieces of information from a loved one.
  • Traditions – In addition there may be specific games, activities, or traditions your family does during this time of the year (maybe ice skating on the pond together) that can easily bring evidence of your loved one to the sitting.
  • Shared Memories – This may be the only time of the year when you spend a day or meal with a loved one who lived far away or is more distantly related. For example, it may be the only shared memory you have with Uncle Jim from across and makes this time of year easier for him to connect to you by sharing the memories with the medium.
  • Love and Support – Last but not least and probably the most important, spirit does not want us to feel lonely or sad about their absence and generally will bring up happy and good memories of times together with lots of love and support. They are there for us during these times.

As I begin to embrace the use of holiday messages and holiday references in readings, I am grateful to spirit for their ingenuity of getting their heartfelt messages across to loved ones by referencing these memories to me. And during these times, don’t be shy sending love, prayers, a simple thought, or lighting a candle in remembrance with a smile in memory of your loved ones and ancestors this holiday season.

Rest in knowing they are right there celebrating and supporting you too!

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