Historical Mediumship Techniques

Over time, I have found various psychic and mediumship techniques useful when I enter a location to read it’s story and history.

The first thing I do is read the general impression of a place and really just scan the energy of what is there right now. I use psychic and mediumship for this general impression. Next, I will use mediumship to ask for an individual in spirit to come forward to tell their story or the story of the location. Then if I am looking to get more detail or really scan into the events of time then I will use the techniques of reading the XYZ Planes. Another name for scanning the XYZ Planes is Remote Viewing. In addition tools and trigger objects can be used to help validate information or pin point an event, timeframe, or person.

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Technique 1 – Frist Impressions

  • This is the first technique I use at a location after I have grounded, sat in the power, asked permission, and introduced myself.
  • Think of this technique as sitting at the point where all the XYZ Planes intersect.
  • It is an entirely receptive activity where my intention is to receive whatever information, general impressions, events, or individuals who are present and want to come to my attention. I don’t ask for specific names, time frames, or events.
  • It is kind of like taking the temperature of a location. Information obtained at this time can be very broad and non specific but also during this opening, major events can be observed and individuals who want to be “first in line” or whom are very involved in the location’s history may also show up.
  • The challenge here is being totally receptive. Witness what is coming up and try not to filter or have the information make sense to you. This is the hardest part!!!
  • This can take 5 minutes or the entire walkthrough. Depending on how much is present and drawing my attention.

Technique 2 – Asking For An Individual

  • Once I have gotten a general impression of the location, I will then ask with intention if there are any spirit individuals who are associated with the location who wish to come forward to speak about their story or who would wish to speak on behalf of the location.
  • I often will also ask for the individual to be one that I will be able to find in the history books for later validation and evidence.
  • Sometimes an individual will come forward and sometimes not. And this is absolutely ok. You cannot force or make spirit communicate with you.

Technique 2 – Navigating the Time Y Plane

  • This is another technique I will use at a location to either look into the past or find a time in the past that is drawing me.
  • I use this technique to get more information or more detail about general trends and major time frames. It also helps me find land on a certain timeframe/date to then Navigate the X Plane.
  • The Y plane is “up and down” or “vertical” and is just like reading sediment rock layers, but the layers I am reading are energy imprints over time.
  • I start at the surface or the “top” which is the most recent energy imprint timeframe and with my intention I move down the energy imprint through time to the “bottom” which is the furthest away in time.
  • During this technique you may stop at a time frame that draws you.
  • How to know when to stop? The energy imprint layer feels wider, thick or heavy, or it feels prominent or different in some way from the other imprint layers. Spirit present may also tell you a time frame as well during this technique.
XYZ Planes

Technique 3 – Navigating A Time X Plane

  • This technique is scanning a time stamp or moment in the “horizontal” X Plane.
  • It is similar to stepping into a photograph, which is a snapshot in time, and looking around and witnessing it in 360 degrees. What is going on at this place in that moment? Who is here? What is happening? What does it look like?
  • I use this technique to get more information and detail about a certain time at the location.
  • Once a time frame, moment, or date is selected either through intention or through the Navigating the Y Plane technique, you hold that time frame steady and then move through it in a horizontal fashion.

Technique 4 – Navigating the Z Plane

  • The Z Plane is depth.
  • In my personal experience when navigating the Z Plane this is the flourish, feelings, sensations, and emotions at a time and place.
  • The Z Plane gives what you are sensing with color, feeling and meaning.
  • It fleshes out the experience of the photograph in time.

Technique 5 – Navigating the W Plane

  • The W Plane is the 4D plane and in my opinion anytime you are doing energy, psychic, mediumship or intuitive activities you are automatically entering the 4D plane.
  • This is that gentle and intentive jump to read energy impressions instead of reading the logic material 3D world.
  • Being able to mentally “jump” or “switch channels” into the 4D or even higher Dimensional Planes is how I believe all energy work is possible because these Dimensions flow and shift onto itself through all the other X,Y,Z planes of time and place.
4D Cube

Technique 6 – Tools and Triggers

  • Tools such as EMF readers and voice recorders are very common tools to use on paranormal investigations. Other more complex tools are voice boxes, SLS, night vision, IR cameras, and Heat Sensors.
  • Because most of my readings are done in an outdoor location voice recording is very difficult because of all the background noises of nature and people.
  • I do like to use an EMF reader which helps me confirm body sensations that I may be experiencing at a location. It also can identify if a location has high EMF readings which can affect the experience of the living at that location and also foster paranormal activity.
  • Trigger objects an also be used to target information about a particular event, timeframe or person.

Within each of each of these techniques there are multiple methods of Navigating the Planes which I will be reviewing in future posts!

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  1. Wow that is a lot of detailed information that has a different perspective on how to connect in mediumship for me. I do want to ask Spirit to come forward and connect with me. Thank you for this information.


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