Rain and Wind: A Moment to Connect to All of Humanity

I was falling asleep the other night and I had my window open. I casually was listening to the rain gently falling on the pavement and in the trees when it suddenly hit me . . .

All humans, all animals, all rocks, and all plants have universally experienced rain.

Humans from the beginning of time have all heard or felt rainfall.

Every single one of them.

I began to imagine a moment in time of a Native American women laying down for sleep, in her own home, and herself also listening to the rain fall pitter patter on the stretched out hides or flattened bark roof above her. Or maybe she is listening to the rain drops on the leaves or dirt outside her front door lulling her to sleep too.

Birds in trees and lizards in the desert have all felt rain. A deer family huddles under trees as protection from a rain storm. Even cacti have had rain on their needles and ocean cliffs have been moistened by rain. This seemingly small moment in time, hearing the rain instantly connected my present existence with my ancestors and the environment from the beginning of time as a true unifying experience.

Then I started thinking, well in the arctic they don’t get rain. So then I thought that all humans, all animals, all rocks and all plants have experienced wind or air movement or even thunder! A breeze on my face or arm is a Universal shared moment with all people on Earth of today, of yesterday, and of tomorrow.

The experience of rain and wind goes beyond language or species barriers.

How powerful is that?!

Universal connection has been on my mind recently for multiple reasons including political events, global warming, as well as I am starting to work with my ancestors and connecting to my Self. It is interesting that when we start to focus on connecting to the Self, we automatically start to develop a connection to Others. The realization that my Self is always connected to your Self is the ultimate awareness!

So the next time you are listening to the rain, or a thunderstorm, or feel a breeze or the warm sun on your skin . . . think of all of Humanity who has come before you and revel in the experience of sharing a simple moment!

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