So You Communicated with a Historic Spirit! Now What?

You made contact! Congratulations!

Whether you communicated with a historic figure form the past with paranormal investigative tools (K2 Meter, Ovulis, Spirit Box, or EVP) here are some ideas to follow up with the information you obtained:

1) Go to the History Books – This may take some elbow grease but is absolutely fascinating! With the information you got, try and piece together the truth of the spirit’s communications. Make a list of statements and answers. Look for unusual key words that you can put together into a Google Search. You can first try terms, words, phrases, names, and location together to see what comes up.

Check out local historical societies and local libraries which tend to have information on local historical people and events. I have another blog that goes into tips on historical research investigation in more detail!

Genealogical online sites can be used to track down individuals as well.

Don’t be alarmed if the information that you got is not recorded. Unlike in today’s world not every single meal and family member pictures were documented on the daily in the past!

2) Visit the Location Again – Did you uncover a mystery in your research? Go back and try to find out the answer. Were there any holes in the information obtained? Go back and try to fill them!

Return to the same location to see if you can get the same information which is double confirmation/evidence or talk to the same spirit individual again. This is always fun, but don’t feel bad if the same individual does not come back. Spirit beings that are not bound to the location are free to come a go as they please and may not be there next time. That being said Residual Energy will still be there again and Earthbound spirits will be there again but may choose to not come through.

Try communicating in a different room, different corner of the property, different time of day or different season!

3) Honor the Individual – You should always say a thank you statement to the location and individual who communicated with you, but you can also leave a libation or gift (food, coins, water, necklace, toy, etc.). This has to be done with good intentions and is only for those who came through that had a good and light energy.

I tend to stay away from religious symbols as they don’t have much meaning to me. That being said, If I am communicating in a church setting this is different and I would absolutely leave a rosary or Vatican coin at these locations. The gifts should be location and individual specific and appropriate.

If an induvial came through with a dark or negative impression, I do not recommend leaving gifts. But for a communication with George Washington!? Leave a dollar bill!

4) Document and Share your Encounter – Create a YouTube Channel, blog, or website to document your encounters. Share it with friends and family to show them that Yes! There is a spirit world and Yes! We can communicate with them!

DO NOTs – I do not recommend to attempt to communicate with spirit outside of the locations where the contact was initiated. I do not recommend you invite them with you back home. Leave the encounter at the location where the encounter occurred! Walk away with no strings attached. I do not recommend provoking or asking for negative energies to approach you. This is just respectful spirit etiquette apart of a healthy spirit communication practice!

Check out my W/I Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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