6 Metaphysical Facts That Changed My Health: A Medium’s Perspective

I began my metaphysical information binge about 2 1/2 years ago. This binge was triggered once I knew that I was truly accessing another level of energy and information via mediumship. I found myself needing to understand how this was even possible!!! As I investigated this idea of energy information, I discovered the 6 Metaphysical Facts That Changed My Life. But I was also drawn to self energy healing and energetic health. As I read and read my entire perspective on health shifted.

Many of these energetic health concepts I have adopted come from quantum physics, Law of Attraction, ancestor and past life traumas, together with medical and spiritual qigong.

Qigong is a wonderful and ancient energy practice from China. The practice utilizes the breath, visualizations, and slow repetitive movements to improve one’s energetic health and well being. It is similar to Tai Chi but instead of doing warrior movements to cultivate qi (life force energy), qigong moments are aligned with the organs, the elements, and the seasons to purge, cultivate, and circulate our qi. Life force energy is also known as prana in the yogic traditions and ki in the Japanese energy healing traditions (as in reiki).

Here are 5 Metaphysical Facts that Changed my Health:

  1. Correct Breathing. If I was asked, “What is the one thing I could recommend for people to understand to improve their health?”, it would be THIS! Qigong Dantian (energy center) Breathing changed my life. In our culture, especially for women, it is drilled into us to have flat and toned stomachs. I always had this in the back of my mind to suck that gut it in. When I started Qigong Dantian Breathing it was a foreign language. Breathe into my belly? You want me to push my belly out when I inhale? Won’t I look fat? I don’t think I had allowed my lower abdomen to expand in 30 years! This type of breathing taught me to ground, to center, to relax, to come back to my power, and it allowed my organs in my abdomen to actually move around! Instead of keeping them on lock down! This breathing technique ALONE reduced inflammation, pain, and fluid collection around my uterus. And I can do it anywhere!
  2. We are composed of energetic vibrations. Everything has an innate vibration and everything communicates with everything else via these vibration outputs. This energetic vibration makes us up matter but also extends outward from matter. Everything from you, your thoughts, your emotions, and the table and chair that you are sitting with have a vibration signature that our own individual energy vibrations interact with. The act of speaking is just air vibrations from our larynx. The cochlea in our ears “hear” by analyzing the vibrations of air pressure. Even ice, water, and steam have difference energy vibration levels which change their physical appearance.
  3. Thoughts are energy. This is a really interesting concept that is seen in quantum physics, Law of Attraction, and all energy healing practices. In quantum physics, an observer has an affect on the observed. In Law of Attraction, if you have negative ideas and negative or cynical thoughts, then you will continue to attract more of those outcomes. It is impossible to see the good when you live in a world where everything is “bad”. This goes with our health too!!! If you keep thinking, well my mother had depression and my mother’s mother had depression so I will probably have depression too. You are leading yourself down the path of creating that story of depression and living it. You can also choose to NOT take that story path into your energy vibration, and instead manifest a different energetic outcome with different thoughts!
  4. Where intention goes, energy flows. If you have negative or reactive thoughts, your qi (life force energy) lowers its vibration. If you have positive or more response thoughts, your qi raises its vibration. The brighter, more pure, and higher your vibration the better your mental, physical, and spiritual health. I realized this with my own self healing. I experienced pain from an organ in my body for years. I always told it I hated it and felt like a victim. The second I told it I loved it instead of hated it, the pain drastically reduced. I kid you not. Even I was in shock. With continued self energetic intention healing and breathing work, I got off of all medications and I have been 90% pain free for the last 2 years. Health started with my intention and message and the energy of healing followed. The power of our intention in incredible!!!
  5. Respect and Honor Cycles. This can be the cycles of the seasons, the cycles of your life, or the cycles of a project or dream. Nourish what your body needs physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is going to change all the time depending on cycles and how you care for yourself needs to be adaptable to these cycles of life. Put effort into being warm in winter, and put effort into cooling down in the summer. When a dream project is nearing its completion, honor it! These may not seem to be related to health or raising your energetic vibration, but cycles are absolutely related to health! Some ways to honor these cycles in health is to follow a qigong routine of the five elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) and the five seasons (late summer, fall, winter, spring, summer). Following and honoring cycles can help to raise your vibration and nourish your qi at any time of year for all occasions!
  6. Meditation. Yeah yeah I know we have all heard the benefits of meditation. Personally, for me it I didn’t focus on “quieting the mind” (although sitting quietly with ourselves is a REALLY IMPORTANT SKILL). Instead I used meditation more as a tool to better master my energetic vibrations, thoughts, and intentions to improve my physical, mental and spiritual energetic health!

Two qigong resources that I love are YOQI and Spring Forest Qigong. Both offer free videos with lots of resources to get you started in learning some of these ancient metaphysical self health techniques.

I also love these two books and audio meditations by Dr. Joe Dispenza has some great books and audio meditations that really get into the vibration theories and quantum physics while still keeping it mystical! Two books I highly recommen are Becoming Supernatural and You Are The Placebo.

Lastly The Law of Attraction by Abraham is another interesting read.

Enjoy these metaphysical health concepts and allow them to totally change your heath from your inner energy out!

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