Cemeteries and Spirit Activity

Remember being on the school bus and everyone holding their breath as it drove by a cemetery? All the kids turning blue trying to hold out as the last one standing!? Where did that tradition come from?

Cemeteries and burial grounds have been locations of awe, respect, love, reverence, and separation for thousands of years. Contrary to pop culture and the movies, cemeteries are not normally the location of horror and zombies.

I personally do not feel a lot of individual spirit energy at cemeteries. In my experience, most spirits do NOT freely choose to stay with their body in a cemetery. Non Earthbound spirit energy can and will freely move from a location where there was a strong relationship to a place or person and to the spirit world. These connections can include places where they worked or lived, where their children or family still reside, the site of a traumatic passing, or where they had their happiest memories. Not all non earthbound spirits will choose to return for an earth visit, but they can always be communicated with via mediumship. Earthbound spirits tend to remain at the site of passing, or at a location they feel safe at, or a location they had a strong connection to or with their remains.

At a cemetery location you can communicate with spirits who are passed on even if they aren’t “walking around” the cemetery through mediumship. You don’t have to be at a cemetery to do this, but it is an easy place to anchor the connection because you can call in that individual by their name and location. These are brief visits of the Spirit to communicate, and they are free to move back into the spirit world once communication has ended.

A cemetery is just an arbitrary location where bodies are buried, and in general people do not have a strong relationship to a cemetery while living. In addition, cemeteries are actually places of reverence and love where those who have passed can be remembered. Yes there can be sadness on the part of the living, but that sadness is secondary to the deeper feelings of love.

Some spirits do choose to remain close to their body or in a cemetery and some reasons for this include:

  • It goes along with their spiritual belief system, which doesn’t just automatically change when you pass on. If you believe that the spirit and the body go together then you may continue to strongly believe that once passed, and you will choose to stay with your body.
  • They frequented the area for reverence of another passed loved one and still desire to maintain the reverence once passed above all other choices.
  • They had a unhealthy relationship with their body (extreme narcissist, drug addict, etc.) and prefer not to leave it or leave the human experience.
  • Grave keeper who took care and worked at a grave site.
  • Traumatic passing

Some cemeteries have a unique origin and different factors contributing to spiritual activity present. For example, some cemeteries were created at the site of a battle or were built right on top of a location of work, life, or worship.

Our first location does take place at a cemetery. You can watch the Walkthrough video which includes an 18 minute LIVE mediumship session, and read this BLOG POST, which goes into more details why this cemetery in particular is unique.

What is so interesting about the Ghost History Medium Project is that each location is so unique and each has their own story to tell : )

Check out my W/I Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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