Psychometry: It’s Not only for objects!

In my videos I use this technique so I wanted to give some background of how this works for me and what it is. Some very famous mediums, like Tyler Henry The Hollywood Medium, use psychometry when they perform a mediumistic reading to connect to an individual spirit. Psychometry is the skill of getting psychic... Continue Reading →

Aren’t You Afraid of Ghosts!?

I get asked this all the time by friends, family members, and people who are new to spirit contact! I will tell you the simple answer is sometimes, but not like I was 10 years ago. 10 years ago the old house where I started to realize something unseen was affecting me was terrifying. I... Continue Reading →

W/I Videos

Along with this blog is an attached YouTube Channel where videos will be posted. These videos are going to be two parts: a Walkthrough and an Investigation (W/I Videos). The Walkthrough will be a real first-time walkthrough of a location of which . . . I WILL KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!* My husband is going to... Continue Reading →

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