Location Psychometry and History

Location psychometry is the term I have come up with to explain what I do when I read a location.

It is very similar to what mediums and psychics do when they hold an object and connect with information and/or a person through the energetic residues on the object. But instead, for me, the energetic location acts as my object!

Just like the movie “Lucy” when ScarJo is sitting in the chair in New York city and she goes back in time in that one location and swipes through time with her hand. That is very similar to what I do at a location. Generally it is like reading a history book but starting from the end of the book. Usually history books start with the oldest information first. When reading a location typically I am reading the earliest information first which is the most “fresh”. This is unless I specifically mentally go to the oldest stuff first or mentally go to a specific time first. Also sometimes the most “dramatic” or “emotional” event will come first and then I read from there either forwards or backwards.

The Magic of a point. The story of a place.

Time changes. Locations in space don’t.

Cake layers of existence in one location. Written in the matrix of energy at that time point. When I psychometrically read a location I take a small slice of the energy cake and read the layers which are organized by historical time. Recent at the top, older at the bottom.

Humans, animals, plants and the Earth have created these places. Humans have created homes, nourishment (hunting grounds, farming), and businesses. Animals create places as well (nests, dens, burrows, game trails). Plants create places too (shelter, shade, nourishment)! Intelligent life creates locations of use and emotion and purpose and leave an energetic imprint at a time point.

This created meaning can be read. A home is a created formation. Many people worked to create the structure, someone thought up the design, someone loved it enough to buy it then people live their lives inside the walls. Inside the walls are love, anger, joy, and pain, since these are all the emotions we go through in life. They are recorded each millisecond in a layered cake time stamp. Moments change but the location doesn’t. If there is more anger, then there will be more layers of anger in the energy cake, just like if there is more joy there will be more joy layers in the energy cake.

History is what is at that moment. That moment cannot be changed. It is what happened. It is all the collective at that moment.

I am a passive observer of a space reading the layers of time and people who have been there before me.

Check out my Ghost History Medium Walk through and Investigation Videos to get a sense of what I do in real time!

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