Sitting in the Power: Development of Intuitive and Mediumistic Abilities

One of the techniques and tools I am repeatedly taught and brought back to in my Mediumship training is the foundational meditation practice called Sitting in the Power. This is an active meditation technique where you are relaxed and calm focusing on your inner power and then you shift your inner awareness to the spirit/energy world.

Sitting in the Power connects you to your own power and then connects that power with the power of the Divine Universal Energy. This is the energetic vibration you want to cultivate and work from whenever you are connecting to spirit, a location, or doing mediumship or psychic work. In this state, you also create a large powerful protective energetic aura that acts as a barrier.

This technique is so critical, it is a foundational teaching of mediumistic development for the Arthur Findlay College, the Spiritualists’ National Union Church and other Spiritualist groups. Many mediums, such as Tony Stockwell, Jason Goldsworthy, and Audra Gordon Lobl share the importance of this technique and provide courses, Facebook Groups, and guided meditations on the topic.

Steps to Sitting in the Power:

  1. Get in a relaxed and comfortable position. This does not have to be a full lotus position or anything super intense like that. It can be done sitting in a chair or wherever you are most comfortable. But, this is not a time to lay down as you do not want to be so relaxed you fall asleep.
  2. Connect to your own power. This is an inner awareness. I have been taught to focus on the inner flame at my solar plexus center (which is the seat of your power) or to focus on the inner flame of your heart center. I would play with both and see which feels the most powerful to you.
  3. Focus on this divine spark of yourself and see it flickering warm and powerful. Then see it getting larger and larger and filling up your body with light.
  4. Sit in this full body inner power of light and love for as long as feels empowering and claimed.
  5. Next move your light spark out from your body to fill the room you are in, fill your home, and then feel it moving beyond your home and moving upward towards the sky, stars, and moon.
  6. Focus and feel this expansion and focus with the Divine Universe and bask in the blending of your inner power and power of the Divine.
  7. Stay in this expansion and connection for as long as it feels good to you.
  8. When you feel complete, gently bring your awareness back into your body. Slowly move your hands and toes and when you are ready open your eyes.
  9. Enjoy the peace and connection to the Divine for the rest of your day!

Alternative method is to connect with a natural power such as the natural power of the oceans, the moon, the seasons, the wind, the water, etc. You can play around with this too and whatever feels the most empowering to you is the best!

It is recommended if you are serious about intuitive development to Sit in the Power every day for at least 5 minutes. If you have the opportunity to sit for longer, go for it!

Sometimes this practice feels so good, you don’t want to come back! That being said, it is not productive to be so out of your body after this experience as to not function well. Make fully sure you are back in your body and take a moment to ground, such as drinking water, eating something, or walking around.


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