Energy Awareness Practice – Qigong

Energy is all around us and we are composed of energy. Everyday we are knowingly and unknowingly interacting with energies within us and around us including people, places, animals, plants, electronics, the cosmos, and spirit.

Most of us, myself included, were never taught how to understand or regulate these energetic interactions going on all the time which can affect our mind, body, and spirit. Symptoms of unregulated energies are health problems, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, confusion, tiredness, unexplained sadness, sudden bursts of anger, as well as extreme joy.

We are all on a path of striving for ways to live a more peaceful, healthy, and fulfilling life. It is our job as developing adults to cultivate an elevated awareness of understanding how interacting with these energies affects us and ways to self regulate. This can be achieved through energy awareness of the self and energy awareness of others (people, places, animals, spirit, electronics, plants, comos, etc.).

Energy awareness of the self should always be focused on first, since ultimate changes start from within.

One way I have found to develop my own energy self awareness is through an ancient Chinese standing meditative and flowing movement practice called Qigong. This practice literally translates to “qi”, or energy/life force energy, and “gong”, meaning to work or to cultivate. This gentle practice is all about working, cultivating, and developing an awareness and easeful flow of our life force energy for optimal health of our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Wuji posture. The Qigong standing posture of primordial limitless potential.

A foundational concept of Qigong is “energy that is not moving freely becomes stuck or stagnant resulting in disharmony”. You can think of this like a dam blocking a river. Dams greatly alter the natural flow of the river and cause disruption and pooling of stagnant water around it. Cultivating with in ourselves balanced and harmonious circulating energy leads to health, wellness, and a sense of groundedness in our actions, interactions, thoughts, and emotions.

Regular Qigong practice can greatly assist in the awareness and health of your Qi energy, and when your energy is moving freely, you are less likely to interact with others or the environment in disharmonious ways.

To know more about this energy practice or to try it for yourself check out these links and videos below!

YOQI Qigong

Lee Holden Qigong

Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy

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