Psychic Protection and Location Psychometry

When I go into a location where I know I am going to “open up” I start with a prayer or a short meditation to center and ground myself and set the intention. The goals of this moment are to beef up my psychic boundaries, bring in my spirit allies, and set the intention for the reading.

When I first started this process it took me about 5-10 minutes, but now I can go through it usually in less than 5 minutes.

For example, either sitting or standing in a strong grounded wuji (qigong stance), I will close my eyes, breathe and clear into each chakra center, connect to the Spirit world and to the Earth, invite my spirit allies into my boundary, and then announce my intention. Also during this process I ask permission of the site to read it.

My spirit allies are my spirit guides, power animal, ancestors, and other land allies at the location.

I personally do not do elaborate protection procedures or smudging. I may carry a small labradorite angel carving in my pocket, but my main goal of taking this time is to create my own strength and my own centering power as I move through a location. This protection has to come from within, you cannot rely on a talisman or object to replace your own inner strength and power of intention!

When I am finished with the reading. I will again ground and center, thank my spirit allies, thank the location, thank the spirits I communicated with and then psychically “walk” out of the space.

Its almost like I create a zipper doorway into a location’s energetic history, walk through the history, and then walk out and close the zipper behind me.

If at any point in time you are uncomfortable at a location and do not feel right about the situation, follow your intuition and stop the session.

Some people are so sensitive to psychic energies that they may need to do the grounding, centering and protection every day before leaving their home just to create better energetic boundaries of what is their’s and what is someone else’s energy. This is OK too! You may think your boundaries are just fine, but do this once a day for a week and find you have so much more energy and are feeling great! Play with it! Make it your own!

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