Ancient Land Spirits

Sometimes when I read a location, there are spirits present which have arisen directly from the land and the events that have occurred to the land. I encountered one of these beings at South Bound Brook as an entity I referred to as The Beast (it looked like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast). It was there because of the energy congregation of the area from “the water angles” and flooding.

This is a difficult concept for modern people to understand, but it is a concept that many indigenous cultures have embraced and understood. Many indigenous cultures have ceremonies of respect to the elements and land spirits of a location. Commonly they have rituals to ask permission to use the land and maintain balance and harmony. Volcano spirits, such as Pele, from Hawaii, and the Native American Thunder Gods are examples of Ancient Land Spirits that these indigenous cultures pay their respect to.

Ancient Land Spirits can trace back millions of years to the formation of the land as we see it. They can also be newer land spirits for example from the last Ice Age (which was the last time there was a major land alteration) or from a recent natural disaster that changed the land at the location. In general, these Ancient Land Spirits commonly have Earth, rock, animal and/or plant features to them which is one of their telltale signs they are a Land Spirit.

They can be intense to look at and describe because our culture doesn’t really know what they are or understand them. I will say Ancient Land Spirits are NOT shadow beings/shadow men and they are NOT human spirits. Amy Allen, a medium on the popular Travel Channel show The Dead Files, occasionally describes these land energies during her investigations. She has on occasion had an artist draw them for the client in some episodes when they are apparent to the location reading.

Some may call these “elementals” but in my humble opinion, elementals are one element spirits. AKA a wind spirit or water spirit. Elementals may ALSO be at a location in addition to an Ancient Land Spirit, but elementals are at the location because the element (water, earth, fire, air) is present and not because of the holistic nature of the land or what has happened to the land. In general, I find elementals to be lighter and more like caretakers and representatives of the element in that location.

Ancient Land Spirits can be at a location due to:

  • Being guardians of the location
  • Being created from ancient (or recent) energetic turmoil events (movement of glaciers, flooding events, fires, volcanoes, Earthquakes, tornado)
  • Being created or attracted to innate qualities of the Earth energies at that location (waterfalls, floods, rivers converging, constant sunshine, earthquakes, lighting strikes, abrupt flower blooms, rock formations, volcanoes, old trees)

These Ancient Land Spirits generally stick to themselves at their location, but they can be angered if their location is not respected or is “vandalized”. AKA if the location is plowed, blasted, damned up, or a house is built on their location. They don’t directly harm people and their existence is not to torment or really have anything to do with people, they are there for the energetic essence of the location. They don’t typically enter homes or buildings but will be felt while on the land.

These energies should be revered and respected as the indigenous cultures have discovered. Their assistance can be asked upon when doing Shamanic healing at a location because they are so intimately tied to the location. You may also need to get their permission to do a healing at a location.

It may be very difficult to remove these Spirits as they can be millions of years old and incredibly intertwined within the location. In essence, it isn’t really recommended to remove them at all as they arise and are apart of the Earth.

In summary, Ancient Land Spirits are OLD and are intimately tied into the natural energies and occurrences innate to the Earth. They may be frightful to look at and unusual to describe as they commonly have “nature” features. It is not recommended to try to remove them, but instead they should be respected.

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