How Geology and Landscape Affect Paranormal and Spirit Energy

I recently investigated an established paranormal hotel located in the heart of Rondout Valley, New York. As we were driving into the valley, I started experiencing body sensations of heaviness and tension. These feelings grew into the sensation of being underwater or swimming in dense air. This got me curious as it was very intense for miles before getting to the actual hotel location.

Once I began my reading at the location, the geology and landscape of the valley came up as a major contributor as to why the energy in the surrounding area felt different and why spirit energy at the hotel is so active and prolific.

The hotel lies in a prehistoric valley with ridgelines formed before the last ice age and the valley was deepened after the last ice age. It is lined by two large ridgelines running south to north. One ridge lies to the west and one to the east of the hotel and town. The valley floor is very flat and one of the ridgelines rises abruptly from the flat floor to the elevation of 2200 feet. The geologic make up of this ridgeline includes quarts, shale, sandstone, and limestone.

Spirit described to me that this dense and heavy energy is found all along this valley. To better understand why this is going on they gave me the analogy of “Cold air sinks, warm air rises and old energy sinks, new energy rises”. (or more like new energy is layered on top of the old energy). When there is a valley, there is a greater tendency for older energy, and energy in general, to collect and not regenerate or clear out. In addition, this area had a large ridgeline which also prevents the energy from circulating freely and turning over.

This New York Rondout Valley and landscape reminded me a lot of another hotel that also has a long standing paranormal history, even inspiring Steven King’s book “The Shining”, The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. I have actually been to Estes Park, CO (for a rodeo) and the town lies in a large valley bowl completely 360 degree surrounded by imposing mountains. It makes me wonder if the paranormal experiences and occurrences at the Stanley Hotel are also influenced by these geologic and landscape features too!?

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

What these landscape features do, is they facilitate energy stagnation and a stronger memory of past energetic events. Residual energetic events will continue to be present for longer periods of time. Spirit energies will be attracted to places like this as there is more recognizable energy timeframes here for them. More practical effects of this are feelings of heaviness, density, and thickness to the energy in the valley. People living in this valley may feel more tired, drained, sluggish, less motivated, and a general feeling of being stuck. Businesses may find it harder to sell and harder to bounce back from a loss or deficit. Homes tend to not get demolish or rebuilt and there may be difficulty in renovating a home. Because the energy tends to be old and stagnant, material manifestations tend to want to stay as they have been or as they are delaying change. This has nothing to do with the economy, but is actually a direct side affect as to how energy flows (or doesn’t flow) in a location.

Paranormal effects experienced here will tend to be universal in the whole valley. Many people may report strange occurrences happening in their homes all within the valley. Homes may not just have one spirit, but even multiple spirits and this can be a mix of residual energy and earthbound spirits experienced. In general the whole area records the energy of past events and people very well and can be more readily experienced by people living or visiting these areas.

The other thing that came up was the importance of the geologic rock composition in this area and its affect on the spirits present. The rock ridgelines are made of quartz (even rose quartz) and quartz is a clear energy reserve. Quartz rock is very good at collecting and conserving energetic vibrations and can strongly keep residual energy recorded. Another rock in the area was limestone which is also a known mineral formation infamous for having something to do with heightened paranormal activity in locations.

This research paper specifically looked at the relationship between paranormal reports and limestone or quartz deposits and there does seem to be a correlation between these two minerals and an increase in likelihood of paranormal activity.

In summary, when investigating or visiting a location and reading the energy there, it is important to not forget about the land features and geology and how they themselves may be contributing to what is going on at the location. Other things to consider are high external EMFs (radio or cell phone towers), Native American history of the land, as well as all the history of the location since recorded time. All of this together will influence the energy present and help your understand what you may be experiencing!

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