Visiting Liminality

This word “liminality” has recently been coming up a lot for me. This is not a word commonly used to describe mediumship or psychic work. It is however, used in describing dreamwork. That being said, from what I have experienced and understood about this idea, the liminal space is EXACLTY where psychic and mediumship work takes place!

Robert Moss, a well known dreamworker and author, has described liminality as:

“This liminal state, which I also call the twilight zone, is a good place to become aware of the ability to travel beyond the body . . . The twilight zone of hypnagogia is a wonderful place to rendezvous with other beings and other intelligences. It is a state in which we often become aware of the psychic activity around us.” (Moss, 2019)

Another place this word is coming up for me is in my Forest Therapy Guide Training. In this program, we are being trained to facilitate individuals to enter and exit the liminal space within the support of the Forest.

Having heard these descriptions, I know that this is the space I am operating in when I am on a Ghost History Medium walkthrough as well as when I am communicating with spirit individuals. I enter this liminal space with my intention, awareness, and senses. It is a space where the veil of expected perceptions are lifted. It is a space where the senses drive the conversation, thoughts, and movements. It is a neutral meeting place between times. It is a space of timelessness filled with energy information!

This space is where mediumship, psychic, remote viewing, psychometry, dreaming, inspiration, meditation, self healing, telepathy, premonitions, animal communication, spirit art (and often a lot of other kinds of art) are found.

We all can access this liminal space with training, practice, and awareness. It is there all the time!

Moss, Robert. 2019. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. The Robert Moss BLOG. September 6th 2019. Accessed Nov 11 2010.

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