Historical Mediumship and Water

Many of my Ghost History Medium locations are around or directly feature water landmarks such as canals, rivers, reservoirs, dams and brooks. I am not sure why I am drawn to these places.

This is a list of locations with water directly being near or the focus of the reading:

  • Location #2 Battle of Bound Brook – I chose to sit in between the canal and the Raritan River
  • Location #3 Mountainville – I chose to sit by the brook
  • Location #5 Mill Building – Near the Boonton Reservoir and next to Rockaway River
  • Location #6 Cooper Gristmill – At the Black River near waterfall
  • Location #8 At Split Rock Reservoir
  • Location #9 At Boonton Falls and the Rockaway River

What makes water so powerful and alluring!?

Well for one thing water + gravity contains potential energy. This is the reason why many rivers and dams were created to harvest the hydropower of the downward flow of water. Not only that but simple mills have been constructed on flowing water for centuries to power many different kinds of farming and manufacturing work. Flowing water has inherent potential energy which spirits can use to amplify their presence and their message.

In addition, when atoms such as H2O of water move against one another, energy is generated by friction. This shearing force of water is known as the Lenard Effect. This friction can then form a sort of energetic ionic cloud around where there is lots of water movement and splashing such as rapids or waterfalls.

And lastly, it is known that water can hold intentions and these intentions can actually shape the way that water forms ice crystals. In the book, The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto, describes this phenomenon and how emotions and thoughts can be stored in water.

Could this all mean that water in the moment of an event can hold onto the energetic imprint of that event better than dry land? Could this be why historical events at or near water are more intensely imprinted into the location’s history? And could this be why I have found it easier, or been more drawn to, read a location associated with water because they have a stronger energetic memory to tap into?


As I continue to better understand why and how I am being drawn to these places, water has certainly become a theme. And I will continue to analyze this theme!

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