W/I Videos

Along with this blog is an attached YouTube Channel where videos will be posted. These videos are going to be two parts: a Walkthrough and an Investigation (W/I Videos). The Walkthrough will be a real first-time walkthrough of a location of which . . .


My husband is going to be filming. He is also a sensitive to spirit activity so things may happen to him as well.

The Walkthrough is going to be during the day, as most of my experiences have happened during this time. We will be documenting spirit earthbound energies present at the location, as well as any impressions I get from the past. These impressions can be images in my mind of people, animals, architecture, emotions, pain, and/or events that have happened at a location

After the Walkthrough, the Investigation will include contacting local historians and key witnesses to see if any of their knowledge and experiences coincide with my information!

I don’t know what is going to happen or what we are going to encounter on camera, but I am really excited to discover and learn more about the spirit and ghost history of these locations through mediumship!

*The first two W/I Videos are going to be places that I HAVE already had an experience at, and want to revisit to learn more.

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