Getting Caught off Guard by Mediumship

I firmly believe in not being “open” to reading people or spirit all the time. I think it is unhealthy, exhausting, invasive, rude, and frankly just not necessary to live a full life on Earth. When you constantly have one foot in the spirit world, its impossible to have both feet here grounded on Earth.

I typically have a very strong and clear ON and OFF switch. I have rules and these are set with strong intentions. I intend to be OFF and not pick up information 24/7 unless I am purposefully reading for a friend or family, for practice during a class, or at a GHM location and then it get switched ON for that task and closed down again right after.

That being said, even I slip up.

Today driving to work, I slipped up.

I drove by a road side memorial. I was instantly bombarded with information.

I saw two young people, one with very dark almost black long hair. It was a motorcycle and the male told me that there was something in the road. He kept repeating “Something was in the road.” I could experience the suddenness, surprise, and sadness. He carried some confusion about what had happened and guilt. The male felt so much guilt. He tried to avoid it, but there was something in the road. He was the more present of the two. This spirit was distressed and a bit frantic, which can happen when a life is lost very suddenly. The other individual was kind quiet and shy. There was no pain here. It was a very sudden accident.

As I have described before I do not believe spirit becomes stuck or lost. I believe their spirit, with the help of family, friends and spirit guides(angels) move on to their next level. In times of sudden or traumatic passings, I do believe that a portion or fragment of their energetic experience can remain imprinted at the location. Also sometimes the free spirit portion may choose to come back to the area to try and understand what had happened to resolve their experience. Especially if there are unresolved feelings associated with the event. Such as guilt.

This man is still processing the traumatic event in spirit, just as his family members are still processing it here on Earth. In time this will fade. I tried to communicate with him and to help answer some questions for him.

I was a bit taken aback by how strong this was for me today. I pretty much cried the whole way home. I got back and found the news paper article. It was a motorcycle accident a month ago. Two young beautiful people. They hit a deer.

How did this happen today? I think the recent residual high emotional imprints of the memorial site might have triggered me into emotion and then I let my guard down. I am also really tired today which in itself means my barriers and intentions are not as strong. There is nothing wrong with this happening, but it was hard to be with. Mediumship is not a play thing, something to get views, or a cash cow. Its real people, real life, and real emotions. Thanks for the reminder. RIP.

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