Historical Reenactments and Spirit Energy

The location of the Revolutionary War Battle of Bound Brook in South Bound Brook, NJ significantly caught my attention when I drove through the town. It has a VERY strong spiritual energy! Revolutionary spirits were walking all over the place.

I wondered why?! Why is this place still so active even though the battle was relatively small and occurred 242 years ago, in 1777?

In my research efforts, I discovered that there is an active Historical Society for the town and they host an annual reenactment of the battle!


As described in a post on historical battles and spiritual activity, battle locations are hot spots for residual energy (RE) and earth bound spirits energies (ESEs) due to the inherent intense nature of a battle. This energy does slowly “dissipate” over time, unless there are events in current time that maintain the previous event. Examples of maintaining previous events are reenactments, annual memorials, and memorial sites.

History is important. And those who have lost their lives should be remembered and honored. We have these events and memorials to remind us and our children of the sacrifice and courage from our history, but we must remember they also remind the spirit world too.

Spiritually, EVERY time a reenactment takes place it continues to engrave the event in the location’s energetic record. Think of Harry Potter and the magic quill from Professor Umbridge, who made Harry write, “I must not tell lies”. Every time Harry wrote on the paper, it engraved the message deeper and deeper into the skin on top of his hand. Until he got a scar.

Historical reenactments and memorials are similar to this. They keep the event fresh in the location’s energy imprint. This also means the strong energy in the location can attract other lost or confused earth bound spirits in the area. They can also attract potentially negative entities who would love to relive the tragic event. These can add even more paranormal experiences and evidence at these locations over time.

Sometimes, at these locations, the earth bound spirits want to cross over. Due to reenactments they may continue to feel trapped or feel like they are reliving the event over and over again. Stopping reenactments won’t stop the energy imprint of the event cold turkey, not even close. But stopping reenactments will allow the more natural process of gradual energy “dissipation” of a location and allow for a new history to be created on the location.

I love history and I love other people who are just as passionate about history as I am. Individuals and events from the past deserve to be remembered and honored, but we must remember our actions in this time CAN affect the energy of the past and future events at a location. Reenactments, memorials, and annual remembrances must be done with the utmost respect and understanding for what our eyes can’t see.

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