Do Spirits Interact With Each Other? A Location Medium’s Perspective

I love getting asked reader questions!

This reader question, “Do spirits interact with each other?” caused me to go back and recall all of the locations I have read to date and reflect on how spirit has shown up to me, how they interact, or why they do or don’t interact with one another.

At a recent location reading, I asked spirit this question directly, as I was curious what their answer would be!

They told me that they could interact if they wanted to, but it requires energy and intent and if there is no real benefit or positive development from interacting across timelines with another spirit, then they just don’t need to do it.

In reflection, these are my observations!

  • They are aware of each other – I have never seen spirit step on each other’s toes! It is actually all very polite on the other side when energies show up to speak to me. They are usually in a line or in a row with respectable distance to each other and to me. So, they must on some level be aware of each other, right?
  • They interact with each other according to their Timeline – I have seen spirits interact with one another in similar timelines or if they have something in common that links their experience together. AKA family members interacting with family members or soldiers interacting with other soldiers who died together at a location. But so far, I have not experienced differing timelines of spirits interacting with each other. For example, a Revolutionary War solder who stayed at the tavern back in the 1700’s interacting with Aunt Bella, the most recent tavern innkeeper, who passed away 5 years ago. They may both show up, and be respectful of the other, but I don’t see them directly interacting. This goes for cemeteries too. I have seen groups of individuals interacting at cemeteries, but they tend to be within their own timeline.
  • Different for Children – This is a little different for children, whom I have seen being “cared for” or “watched over” interacting with other spirit memebers at a location that are not associated with their timeline.
  • This all doesn’t mean they don’t and can’t interact with each other across timelines – I am only entering their energetic spheres for a short period of time. In general, once I enter and ask for assistance or information, they then in free will come into my awareness. After I close the connection and leave the location, I can’t say what goes on behind the spirit veil when I am not looking!

In conclusion, I believe that they are aware of and can interact with each other, but they don’t really need to once across the veil.

Let me know if you have seen spirit or ghosts interacting with each other!

Check out my Walkthrough and Investigation Reveal Videos Page for a listing of my mediumship sessions at historic locations!

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