You are Invited! One Soul Connection Community: Energy Workshop

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Learn about your energy from three different practicing mediums and energy healers together in one workshop!

We are a community that offers something for everyone seeking spiritual development in a safe and supportive environment. Our spiritual programs are geared towards healing, discovering, mentoring, and shifting our lives to focus on soul development. Our teachers have been seeking and expanding their knowledge on all metaphysical beliefs and practices. They are also accomplished healers and psychic mediums and they have collaborated to share their knowledge with you in various workshops including healing, meditation, intuition, energy work, psychic, mediumship and so much more. One Soul Connection Community is a place where all spiritual belief systems can come together and support in one another’s growth and discovery.

May Community Call: Wake Up and Feel the Energy Workshop

ONLINE – Wednesday May 31st 7:00-9:00pm EST

Come away with practical tools and a greater awareness of energy from our unique teachers who have been there and are here to share their wisdom and experience to help guide you on your spiritual journey so you can shine!


  • The Six Psychic Clairs – By Jill Marie Kelly – Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
  • The Evolving Spirit – By Richard Moschella – Medium, Author, and Spiritual Teacher
  • Environmental Energy & Energy Self-Management – By Kimberly Guyer – Location Medium, Channel, and Qigong Instructor

Following the presentations there will be ample time for Q and A in an open and safe environment. Please use this open forum time to ask the panel your questions about energy, spirit, soul, and the metaphysical.

A Zoom link for the Workshop will be provided within 24 hours of the event.

Unable to attend live?! This webinar will be recorded and a link to the replay will be provided to all registrants after the event has completed.

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Teacher Bios:

Jill Marie Kelly is a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master Teacher. She has had a relationship with the spirit world for as long as she can remember. When she learned Reiki, her gifts got much stronger. She uses her unique skills to bring healing balance to your body while giving you messages from spirit for your greatest good. She teaches all three levels of Reiki, psychic development and does her work both in-person and virtually. Energy has no geography and we all have the ability to connect to spirit.

Richard Moschella is a paranormal investigator, mediumship spirit artist, and author at Beyond The Fray Publishing. He has released numerous books on spirit communication and his encounters on his journey in the paranormal research field. Since childhood he has been connected to those on the other side of the veil and it wasn’t until adulthood that he fully accepted his unique gift. Richard says, “It’s up to us to link and blend with our communicators and bring forth evidence on the continuity of life and that loved ones are only a thought away”.

Kimberly Guyer, also known as Ghost History Medium, began her awakening process in 2008 after several paranormal encounters discovering she was communicating with and seeing spirits from the past. Kimm loves to share her knowledge of energy which is a unique combination of her metaphysical experiences and her science background. She has experience with mediumship, psychism, psychometry, remote viewing, energy of place, animal communication, the paranormal, forest therapy, and channeling. She is also a YOQI® Associate Qigong Flow Instructor and provides tips and tools on energetic management through movement and the environment.

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