Spirit Mice in Olds Homes?! A Location Medium’s Perspective

I recently was sharing with someone about how a cat came to my awareness while on a recent historic home walkthrough. Their next comment was about the cat hunting spirit mice which was really funny to imagine since energetic laws are a little different in the spirit dimension, but it made me stop . . .

I have never seen a spirit mouse!

I can only imagine in these old homes I have gone through, some of which are more than 250 years old, that hundreds of mice have likely lived and passed away on the land or in the house!

Why don’t I see them?!

This person then responded to my existential moment with this profound statement,

“Maybe they just aren’t interested in you”.

Wow that makes so much sense! The cat was a domesticated pet who was VERY friendly and loved people. So, it was interested in me showing up in the energy to say “Hi” and to bring a “Hello” to its family.

This same idea also can be applied to the spirits who come forward to speak about or share their experience at a location. They either are interested to share their story and present themselves or not. And if so then they come into my awareness. There is free will on their end if they want to communicate, they can. They either are interested in what I am offering or not and that is perfectly ok.

That being said, I am curious to reach out now to even the smallest soul friends who have shared in these places with humans for centuries. Maybe a spirit mouse does show up in my awareness next time!

Check out my Walkthrough and Investigation Reveal Videos Page for a listing of my mediumship sessions at historic locations!

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