Connecting to the Land of Hawai’i: Root Chakra Trigger

I recently returned from a trip to Hawai’i!

I love going to new places and connecting into and honoring the land, its people, and feeling into its messages. Every location feels different and the messages and gifts are always profound.

Day 1 in Hawai’i on O’ahu, While doing some morning qigong and connecting into the land, I was bombarded with the feelings of crude rock crashing, stamping, and sharp cracking open against one another. With this, there was an intense and very strong sensation of mostly masculine sensual Earth energy. I then immediately knew why these islands are where people go for their Honeymoons! The sexual energy and rough creation of this land is off the charts!

This makes so much sense since Hawai’i is a chain of active volcanic islands still creating new land today. These islands are so new in Earth’s evolution that no dinosaur has ever stepped foot or feather here. They missed each other by 60 million years! The oldest island, Kaua’i, is only 7 million years old and the newest island of Hawai’i, The Big Island, is ONLY 750,000 years old and the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago! The human species is just about as old as the Big Island! Our timeline is the same and considering how the island is still in the massive disruption and creation stage, so are we as humanity.

The land is so new, we walked through a lava tube cave of rock that was formed only 550 years ago! Compare that to the rock beds and caves I have been in in New Jersey which are up to and over 1 billion years old! New Jersey land is 1333X older than Hawai’i’s Big Island. So yeah, the land there felt drastically different from where I call home.

Interestingly, as my time in Hawai’i went on visiting the four main islands, my fear and safety (root chakra) became triggered. This was a bit shocking to me as almost every day in every situation I became overtly anxious and fearful for my safety, when I was not in any real danger at all.

Where was this coming from?!

Feelings of safety, trust in the self, trust in the world, trust in life, stability, grounding, and calmness are associated with a connected/aligned Root chakra. The Root chakra is at the base of the spine and is our first chakra. It is associated with the color red and the Earth. This whole island chain had intense evolving Root chakra energy. Can’t get much newer than walking on lava fields formed by the Earth 50 years ago. In addition, many of the native birds, flowers, and plants on these islands were red including the ‘i’iwi and ‘apapane and the ‘ohi’a-lehua tree. Not to mention some of the lehua flowers can be found in rare orange (Sacral chakra) and yellow (Solar plexus chakra) variations.

It felt to me this relatively raw Earth, with its current energy in the timeline being alignment with a recently fully established Root chakra now moving into the next chakra energy of the Sacral chakra, which is sexuality, the color orange, creativity, sensuality, and connection with another. I could feel the strength of these energies within the land and why people would be attracted to this stunning location for the celebration of forming new relationships and trusting these new bonds for creation (marriage/honeymoon).

Gradually, I worked through my fear and blatant lack of trust in life with meditation, qigong, and reflection. This imbalance was fully exposed and triggered while on this land of Hawai’i which embodies a secured Root Chakra and evolving Sacral Shakra. I came back from this vacation with a new outlook, a more grounded perspective of life and a greater trust in life’s creative possibilities. I received the gift of a new energy infusion from this amazing place. Land and energy really are powerful and offer many lessons and upgrades if you are willing to explore in the energies and spirit of place.

Check out my Walkthrough and Investigation Reveal Videos Page for a listing of my mediumship sessions at historic locations!

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