Psychics and Mediums and The Law of Conservation of Energy

One of the sacred laws of modern-day physics is the Law of Conservation of Energy. It states that energy can never lost or destroyed but is instead transformed into another energetic expression.

Another concept in physics is that Energy is Information and Information is Energy. Therefore, if we agree that energy is information than one can then say that there is a Law of Conservation of Information. Meaning information is never lost or destroyed, but is transformed into another expression.

In theory, “When you burn a book, the words on its pages imprint themselves on the pattern of the emanating light and the remaining ashes. This information is thus preserved, at least in principle.” Almheiri, Ahmed. (2022, Sept) Black Holes, Wormholes and Entanglement. Scientific American, 327 (3), 37.)

These concepts align wonderfully in explaining how information is able to be obtained by psychics and mediums, who are able to access this preserved information from the proverbial ashes. Traditionally, humans believe that one way to gain new information is by reading words on a page that our mind then integrates. But what if we could still integrate and understand the information from the book after the form of the book has been eliminated from this timeline?

Anything that has happened is energetic information, and this information is never lost. It is all written in the timeline. But how does one access this information? I believe that the information is able to be accessed through entanglement. The information written on the book is still the information in the ashes because the information going into the fire is the same as the information coming out in the ashes, light, and heat. They are forever entangled.

Once described by Einstein as the “spooky action at a distance”, quantum entanglement states that “Despite being separated, two united particles maintain a quantum union that transcends space and time, . . . and their interaction influences one another without having to come into physical contact.” Particles of energy information, “can be in separate galaxies while still maintaining the same amount of entanglement between them.” Almheiri, Ahmed. (2022, Sept) Black Holes, Wormholes and Entanglement. Scientific American, 327 (3), 37.)

Throughout our lives we have an unmeasurable number of interactions with people, places and things. We on some level become entangled with every single one of them, no matter how small the interaction with those particles is. When someone passes away, their interactions in life are still forever entangled with others. And the more interactions, the more entanglement occurs. This entanglement spans life and death, through the timeline, and through space.

A medium or psychic is able to read entangled energetic information of places, people and things, even after there has been a change in form. And for our loved ones, like ashes to ashes, dust to dust, energy information of a living life never dies, it just changes into its next form.

I continue to hope that one day physics and metaphysics will come together and realize they are describing/experiencing the same phenomena. And the “spookiness” may actually be more important than we all realize.

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