Theory of The Paranormal and Residual Energy Spirits

One of the most common things heard on paranormal TV shows about haunted places are spirits who are Negative Entities or Earthbound Spirits.

I HAVE encountered negative entities who like to harm, scare, or interact with the living . . .

But overtime, my definitions and understanding of these interactions have evolved. The more places I go to and the more experiences I have with spirit energies, my perspectives on their paranormal manifestations and energetic effects continue to challenge my thinking. This leads me to form new hypothesis or theories from a medium’s point of view to help explain paranormal encounters.

First of all, negative entities are absolutely NOT the norm and are relatively rare. Think of it like this, out of 1000 living people, how many are truly bad and horrible? Not that many. Now, out of those same 1000 living people, how many have had a difficult life, maybe with losses, addictions, or struggles? A lot more! Does the energy of addiction, sadness, regret, resentment, and struggle feel icky to experience? Yes! But are they actively doing bad things to people? Probably not.

The numbers are similar across the veil.

I believe the wholistic God Self or Soul of every passed individual returns to the spirit realm. I do not believe in Purgatory or stuck souls on Earth. So, then what explains these very real paranormal experiences here back on Earth such as feelings which are not ours, apparitions, orbs, noises, EVPs, cold or hot spots, mists, scratches, and things moving?

It seems to me these paranormal experiences are forms of a Residual Energy Spirit. Residual Energy Spirits feel different to me than spirit in a one-on-one mediumistic reading. In communicating with loved ones in spirit there is a sense of a higher energy that is dynamic and whole coming from above. They come in, communicate and share, and then their energy returns to spirit.

Residual Energy Spirits to me feel like a portion of a human experience remaining imprinted within the timeline of our Earth plane. To me these entities do not feel like a whole complete Spirit and they tend to feel like their energy is within our horizontal plane and not coming from above. We can experience, interact with, and occasionally see Residual Energy Spirits at a location. But this raises the conundrum, if the Soul Self has moved on, then what is this Residual Energy Spirit left behind we are interacting with? Maybe it is the Spirit’s Ego we are experiencing?!

“The ego is the only part of the conscious personality. It’s what the person is aware of when they think about themselves, and is what they usually try to project toward others.”

This is interesting because we know that the Ego personality tends to want to protect itself by surviving at all costs, and is the part that becomes attached to and identifies with material things in life.

“The ego is ‘that part of the id which has been modified by the direct influence of the external world.’

(Freud, 1923, p. 25)

I have found that Residual Energy Spirits can arise if a passing was sudden or traumatic, or they have strong attachments to a place or living family member, or strong beliefs about death, or feelings of unfinished business. But not every individual who had a traumatic or sudden passing leaves a Residual Ego Energy Spirit behind. So then why do some energies tend to be so paranormally active even after death?

It makes me wonder if at the time of death, if there is something from an unhealthy or attached personality Ego that strongly desired to remain, it somehow has the power to do so. It then may be expressing itself to us as ghosts and Residual Entities with strong emotions and opinions attached to a location. They would even look like they did in life because the Ego associates strongly with its external expression. Meaning, we are interacting with a Spirit’s Ego Self in the timeline imprint and not it’s stuck soul. A Residual Energy Spirit Ego would contain emotions and personality left over from an individual’s life and if this portion remains, then it will only express these Egoic feelings and not encompass the whole complete soul expression because the soul always returns back to spirit

This makes sense to me because many Residual Energy Spirits have singular emotions or goals that they are projecting towards the living which would align with an Ego personality. They may demonstrate sadness, anger, or possessiveness of the location. They often express a dislike or attraction to one gender.

I wonder if this theory could also explain why some negative entities express themselves as children. Could it be that their Ego trauma happened as a child and that is what is remaining and being expressed now to us as a Residual Energy Spirit?

I am forever curious as to discover the connection of mediumship and the paranormal by exploring different concepts and theories. This theory of a remaining Spirit Ego may help explain the phenomenon of paranormal encounters.

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