Location Mediumship: Where Does the Information Come From?

When I am at a location, information may come to me from multiple difference sources:

  • Residual Energy Imprint
  • Psychometry of The Area/Land/Buildings
  • Spirit
  • Residual Entity Imprint/Earthbound Entity

An event that happened at a location is read through the Residual Energy Imprint in the timeline. In addition to being recorded in the energetic timeline, this event can also be recorded Psychometrically in the area of the event. It can get recorded in the structure of a building or home, walkways, or even in the land itself. This is one of the reasons why going to a location is important and can give additional information as well as have the location serve as an anchor for the next source of information.

Spirit! The spirits I communicate with on location are spirit entities whom are healthy and free to come and go. They are choosing to come and speak to me and are not stuck there. They talk about the location, their connection to the location, or an event at the location. To me they feel similar to how spirit feels when doing a private one on one mediumship session. The spirit comes in lightly and gently, communicates, and then when communications are complete, they gently and lightly go back into the higher dimensions. These spirits do not feel heavy or dense and they are usually very forthcoming and communicative with dynamic emotions and information.

This is in contrast to a Residual Entity Imprint/Earthbound Entity whose energies usually feel heavier, denser, and don’t communicate as much. I get a lot of staring faces with these ones when I encounter them at a location. I am able to describe them and get an impression about their story, but they are not very communicative. If I experience them on a loop doing the same thing over and over, they are likely Residual Energy Imprints of a person who spent time at the location. If they are more interactive and less rote, they could be an Earthbound Entity associated with the location or an event. In my experience, since these Earthbound Entities are very limited in their expressions, emotions, and interactions, I do not believe that it is their entire soul still associated with a location. I believe that it is a piece of their experience, like a portion of their Ego, that I am interacting with and seeing.

Putting all four of these aspects together really helps to gain a better understanding of a place and who is there from history! For example, if I am at a battle ground, I can see the battle imprint in the timeline, then feel the battle from the psychometric memory on the land, maybe see a residual entity imprint walking the grounds, and then speak to a spirit soldier about his experience. Once all the information is gathered, like a journalist, then it needs to be validated!

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