Location Mediumship Technique: Pre-Reading

One location mediumship reading technique I have been using recently is “pre-reading”. Pre-reading is energetically connecting to a location with my mind’s eye the day or night before an in-person visit to pick up information or spirit individuals at the location.

This technique uses remote viewing as well as mediumship and psychic impressions. I sit down with a lined or blank piece of paper and make the energetic intention to read the location. To direct my intention, I use the unique name of the location or the address (if the place doesn’t have a name). I then begin the same process of grounding, opening, and asking permission as I do on site, using my mind’s eye to feel into the prominent people, dates, places, events, changes, and information of the location over time. I will then record the information and impressions received by writing it down. Images and faces can also be drawn at this time. Alternatively, you can also voice record these sessions.

Pre-reading has become an important technique for me with multiple benefits:

  • Time Saver: Some locations I visit are hundreds of acres, or properties with multiple buildings on them, or very large homes. When on location, there is limited time and often it is not possible to visit the entire area. Pre-reading helps to pick up on hot spots of importance or areas with high spirit activity to assist in narrowing down the in-person onsite investigation.
  • Better Focus: Mediumship and location reading requires a relaxed focus. For me, sometimes locations can be distracting. Such as being in a large group, noises at the site, and even the weather. It is challenging to hold mediumistic awareness for hours on end, at a strange historical location, below freezing, at midnight (been there, done that). Pre-reading provides a way to devote undivided attention to a location for information and messages and reduces the time required to be actively reading the location in person.
  • Starter Evidence: Pre-reading is like a primer. It gets the juices flowing. It can begin the story of a location and then when on site the story may unfold in even more incredible detail.
  • Unbiased Evidence: Evidence from pre-reading is excellent as this information cannot be influenced by how a place looks or by what is displayed, because you haven’t actually been there yet! It’s great fun to record these sessions in notes or images and then go to the location and see it in person!

One recent example of how I have used this Pre-Reading technique was during a recent group investigation at a well-known mining location in northern New Jersey. I knew we were going to be a bigger group, in a very unusual very large place, with variable conditions, extending past midnight. This is a perfect example of when a pre-reading session can help out! I made sure to message my group the information to document the time and date of when I received it.

“As of now there is a group of miners, maybe about five men insisting on taking me to the middle of the mine to a down shaft. I feel like this shaft is now capped over or cemented over but is a deep shaft. They are rather earnestly pointing down the shaft. This feels like a rescue attempt or something. I hear shouting from the shaft. Something fell? Maybe the elevator rope had an issue? I feel like the miners were wearing rain gear. . . makes me wonder if it was wet or drippy in the mines. There is rushing and desperate need for help. I hear a siren alarm. I think if I get to this spot in person, I would better be able to understand. This feels like 1910-1930. I definitely feel that the center point of the horizontal tunnel is drawing me.

They make me aware of using water in hoses to find the mineral as well as water being pumped out of the shafts. They make me aware of eating down in the shafts. They basically just want to tell me all about their day in the mines. What they did and how they did it.

I also want to go to a large building that seems to be multiple floors and would have a clock in and clock out machine and the bosses’ quarters. They take me there. There is arguing and fighting here about pay. Its funny I feel like some of these bosses and miners were well educated men and deserved pay for their knowledge. This might be closer to 1950/1960s. Engineers, safety personelle, and other well educated geologists. There seems to be difficulty with money and paying at this time.”

This pre-reading information was validated during the in-person walkthrough and through historical research after the walkthrough. Although the years were not correct, it turns out that one of the most told stories about the disasters in the mine was about a hoist failure of the elevator shaft in 1958 which killed two miners. Also, in our walkthrough we discovered that there was an alarm system, 9 rings for an emergency. In addition, miners would use sulfur smell capsules to alert other miners that there was an issue and to get out since they were not always able to hear the rings. The drills they used had water tubing in them to reduce dust and heat from drilling and there were water pumps to remove water buildup in the shafts. They also did eat down in the mines on picnic tables (see image above). And there were significant financial difficulties of the mine in the 1950’s that caused one of the mines to close down, and a 1964 strike. The bosses’ quarters are another part of the mine that is said to have a lot of paranormal activity, but we were not able to access it during this investigation.

Pre-reading can be very useful technique and is another tool in the medium’s toolbox when reading locations or being a part of paranormal investigations. That being said, it is important to set a date and time for the session as well as a firm set closing. This prevents wandering thoughts about the location and information coming to you in dribs and drabs for days before visiting the location and even for days after the location. Trust me, I have had this happen to me as well, it is draining and not necessary. Train yourself to intentionally get your information when and how you want it. Set clear boundaries! And trust what you are picking up!

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