Mediumship Merging and Blending with Spirit

One thing you may hear from a medium is about “merging or blending with spirit”. This is a method of using energetic intention to merge our energy with a spirit’s energy for improved clarity of information. It’s a technique that allows an energetic overlap for information transfer through the Clair senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance).

You can think of this blending technique like being better able to understand a conversation with a friend who is a few feet or inches from you instead of yelling or mouthing words to them from across a room! It is much easier to communicate when someone who is close by, and it is the exact same with spirit energy!

To be honest, this was a very difficult concept for me in my development. My mediumship instructors and mentors always stressed this beautiful gentle blending with spirit, with phrases like “step into their shoes” or “wear their overcoat”, but I didn’t really understand what it meant to blend. In fact, I had spent a lot of my life creating very strong energetic boundaries from others, as most sensitives and empaths do! At first, I wasn’t comfortable with spirit getting that close to me and I didn’t really feel like I needed to get closer. I was doing just fine keeping them where they were and still getting good information.

But then something really interesting started to happen, I recently started using the word “I” in my readings!

Typically, during I reading I use words like “he, she, they, them”, referring to spirit in second or third-person to describe what they are saying and what they are trying to share. But recently the word “I” or first-person speech has been sneaking in!

Is this blending!?

Yes! Recently, the blending I have been doing with spirit is becoming closer and stronger. It is beginning to feel at some points in the communication that I am the spirit and I want to say this or that directly to the sitter or say something directly about the location. This is happening naturally and without force and the subtly of it is truly very gentle.

When merging and blending you are NOT being controlled by a spirit OR being taken over. I am still in full ownership and autonomy of my energy. What this blending and merging feels like is similar to my hand becoming overlaid with their hand and wanting to write their direct messages, but it all comes out in words. Wow!

I am a work in progress on this journey of discovering how energetic communication works. Mediumship, psychic, and spiritual development are gradual processes, and with persistent goodwill intention to improve, your abilities will naturally unfold on their own! Keep at it! If you are uncomfortable with something then you are not ready, and similarly when you are ready it will happen. It is an honor and privilege to be able to cross the bridges of space and time to share history, stories, and reconnect with loved ones through merging and blending with spirit.

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