Humidity and Spirit Activity

Why is it on a really foggy night we are uncomfortable and feel uneasy? Is it because we can’t see danger coming or is it because high humidity (lots of water in the air) leads to more energy in the air? Why do so many ghost stories start with a foggy night? Why does it seem like deserts such as those in Arizona and New Mexico seem to have a lot of power spots with high energy? Are we able to experience these land energies more because of the low humidity (low water content in the air)?

What is the affect of humidity on a location’s energy signature? This is one of the questions I ask myself when I am at a location assessing what is contributing to the energy of the location.

What is so far commonly believed in the paranormal circles, is that water sources such as rivers, streams and the ocean are locations that have higher energy. This is thought to be due to the movement of ions in the air secondary to the moving flow of water. It is believed that spirits can use this energy in the air to better manifest or communicate, and locations with moving water nearby are thought to be more paranormally active.

Another idea to support this is the energy that leads to lightning is caused by water particle friction in the clouds. This friction creates a charge in the air that discharges down to the Earth. On days when there is high humidity, and especially fog, are spirits using the higher energy of the air particle friction to manifest more easily?

Another point of view is that dry air has very little friction and would be “easier” for a spirit or energy to “move” through the air without resistance affecting their manifestation ability. The idea is that less energy would be expended moving through “thin” air versus moving through “thick” air. So then it could be easier for apparitions to appear in dry desert areas? Maybe easier to be full form? Maybe easier to form over longer distances?

I don’t have the answers and would love to hear your thoughts and experiences of the paranormal in different humidity locations!

Just some paranormal food for thought!

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