Shadow Figures and Infrared Light – A Medium’s Hypothesis

This is my second blog in a series about infrared (IR) light and paranormal evidence.

The first post introduced infrared light + light anomalies + digital cameras, which talked about how light anomalies may be some form of spirit entity acting as IR reflectors or emitters. This blog is going to talk about shadow figures and how they may be the opposite anomaly by acting as IR absorbers!

Shadow figures are black areas of almost fog like or veil like appearance in the shapes of blobs or in the shape of a person outline. In this night vision camera image, you can see a black misty/fluid-like anomaly on the radiator going up the wall and ceiling. Shadow figures can be small or large and are generally terrifying to experience. They are much less reported or recorded on camera than light anomalies. There are reports of people seeing them with their own eyes, usually out of the corner of their eyes as movement or as something dark blocking visible light (AKA something walking in front of a light source). Shadow figures have been recorded on both regular digital cameras and night cameras, again making me believe that IR light energy may have something to do with their appearance to us on these devices.

This is the electromagnetic spectrum of energy waves. We can “see” visible light in the energy wavelengths of just under 400nm to about 740nm. Above the rainbow color red is what we call infrared (IR) energy and below the rainbow color violet is what we all ultraviolet (UV) energy. Humans cannot see UV or IR wavelengths, but we can feel and experience them. UV light burns our skin and gives us a sunburn, and IR light is felt as heat or a warmth sensation. All things that emit heat are also emitting IR.

Today’s digital camera chips are sensitive to UV and IR light. In fact they are so good at it that heavy duty filters are needed to block ALL IR light from reaching the sensor to not muddle our picture images. Night vision cameras actually use IR light to help us see better in the dark, and thermal cameras use IR light to sense objects that radiate IR as heat. This is because everything — humans, animals, even inanimate objects — emit a certain amount of IR radiation. How much IR radiation they emit relates to the body or object’s warmth and material makeup (NASA 2019a).

Materials can absorb or reflect IR energy. Water vapor in the atmosphere, bodies of water on the surface of the Earth, glass, Plexiglas, wood, brick, stone, asphalt and paper all absorb IR radiation (Rose 2018). Vegetation that is green, reflects infrared light because chlorophyll does not absorb IR light (NASA 2019b). Check out this IR photo below where the sky, water, and wood trunks are dark (IR absorbing) while the leaves are light (IR reflecting).

My theory is that, if light anomalies are some form of IR reflectors or emitters (appearing as light on digital camera sensors), then shadow figures which are another type of paranormal evidence, maybe they are absorbing IR light, resulting in a dark area seen on digital camera?

The next blog post in this series is going to talk about paranormal evidence of anomalous spirit temperature fluctuations + infrared light as heat + thermal cameras.


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