Anomalous Temperatures, Infrared Light, and Thermal Cameras – A Medium’s Hypothesis

This is my third blog post in a series about infrared (IR) light and paranormal evidence!

The first post introduced infrared light + light anomalies + digital cameras, and the second post talked about infrared light + shadow figures + digital cameras. This post is going to discuss anomalous spirit temperature fluctuations + infrared light as heat + thermal cameras.

One of the MOST common reports of spirit evidence are people feeling “cold spots” or less commonly “hot spots” on or around them. These temperature fluctuations have been documented over and over and over again with sudden drops in temperatures of 5-20+ degrees in the same location in less than a minute. Skeptics say it can be air currents or air conditioning, but once you have felt this chill there is NO mistaking it as something anomalous!

Staying in the infrared (IR) wheel house, I think these temperature changes are just another piece of evidence supporting the idea that what we experience as ghosts, earthbound energies, and spirits have something to do with them manipulating IR energy.

Humans cannot see IR with our eyes, but we experience IR as heat. This is why the sun and fire feels warm to us, because we are feeling on our skin the IR energy waves coming from these sources as heat. Any object above absolute zero (-273degreesC) emits infrared energy . . . ALWAYS!

Humans have developed cameras that can detect the infrared light emitted by an object. These cameras translate the IR into a thermal temperature image. The more IR emitted the hotter the object. The image on the right is looking at two cups of water. One cup has hot water (white/red) and the other cup has cold water (dark blue). These thermal cameras can be used in the dark because they do not need any visible light to “see” an image (NASA Cool Cosmos).

I then asked myself, do these thermal cameras pick up on air temperatures? The answer is no, not very well. This can be seen in the cup picture above. There is no radiating circle of IR heat around the cup (which we would feel if we put our hand near it), it is just the cup that is imaged as IR. And this video shows a thermal camera not being able to pick up hot air very well coming from a hair drier.

In the previous post about shadow figures and IR absorption, I talked about what an IR absorbing anomaly would look like on digital and night vision cameras. I then wondered what would an IR absorbing anomaly look like on thermal camera? This article talks about a “stealth cloak” that absorbs 94% of IR light it encounters and it appears dark to the thermal camera! The cloak looks cooler and it blocks IR emitters behind it!

This means that an IR absorbing shadow figure could in theory appear darker in front of other IR emitting objects!!!!

Now that you have some background, check out the paranormal video evidence below.

This video is a great introduction to what thermal camera video looks like. In the video, there is a very obvious IR temperature anomaly seen moving across the room. What this video is describing, is an anomalous mass that is acting like a “stealth cloak” either emitting less IR OR is absorbing IR from the surroundings. Therefore, this mass has a cooler temperature seen as a blue color on the thermal.

If this IR thermal anomaly moved through you or near you, you would feel a COOLING sensation! But you would not be able to see it. This is exactly what many people report during paranormal investigations!

My theory is that spirit entities which emit less IR wavelengths or absorb IR wavelengths appear as cold spots on thermal and are felt as coolness on our skin! Whereas, spirit entities which emit IR wavelengths appear as hot spots on thermal and will feel warm on our skin!


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NASA Cool Cosmos. Teachers Guide to the infrared.

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