When Historical Mediumship Intersects Today

A walkthrough episode we did this winter was at a local river gorge in Boonton, NJ. The place is called “The Falls” or “The Deep Hole”, “The Basin” or “The Boonton Gorge”. The park we were in is called Gracelord Park and there is another nearby park called Santaland on the other side of the river which we did not visit.

We filmed the walkthrough episode on December 27th 2020 and uploaded it to Youtube on January 25th 2021. Towards the end of the Walkthrough video, two teenagers and a child spirit came to me who had lost their lives in this river area. They came with messages that they are ok and with family. They also came to talk about barriers and the need for better barriers along the river here. I repeated what they shared with me and didn’t think much of it although they were very adamant about that message.

Not every place I go to has a message. But this place did.

A month after the video was uploaded to youtube, on February 23rd 2021, tragically an 11 year old boy and his mother drowned in this area of the river, right before the water goes over the dam into the gorge. It was determined an accident and footsteps were seen on the snowy edge of the river. It is speculated that the child fell in at the water’s edge and the mother went in after to save her child, but neither knew how to swim.

Were the child and teenager spirts giving me a warning? An alert? A heads up? Or was this encounter just a plain coincidence?

I postponed creating the investigation reveal video in respect to the situation. I didn’t really want to draw more attention by posting a new video for the town about the river which will end up talking about the many people who have drowned there. So far in my research I have found 11 deaths in this part of the river in the last 75 years. Six of them have been children and teenagers, including a 10 year old boy who accidentally slipped on the river bank in May 1996.

What I have discovered so far in my historical research about this location is that this is a recurring problem. The majority of the deaths have been related to swimming at the river which was banned in 1978 after a series of swimming deaths in the 70’s. Since then, swimming deaths have declined but accidental slipping in deaths are now what seem to be the primary danger.

I have been struggling to understand why spirit drew me to that location, at that time. I keep asking myself if there was anything I could have done? Was this something that spirit was putting into my hands to look into?

The Investigation Reveal video will be coming out this month. And I wonder if it will raise questions for you as well.

What is the role of taking spirit information and history into today?

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