Native Americans of New Jersey: A Medium’s Perspective

When reading locations, any energy pattern, residual energy, or individuals from the past may be present.

When we think of history, often our bias turns to “known history” or the time since European settlement in America around 1650 to today. The years before this time are considered “prehistory”. Well, spirit doesn’t have a timeline or cutoff as to what can be recorded in the energy at a location and whatever has occurred in a place can present itself to me. This can even be scenes and individuals from thousands of years ago!

This brings me to the wonderful and amazing history of Native Americans in New Jersey.

The Native American tribe at the time when the Europeans arrived were the Lenape, or “original people”. Later Europeans considered all natives of the area of New Jersey, Eastern PA, and Delaware area to be called Delaware natives because of their association of living near the Delaware River. The culture that we associate with Lenape Native Americans is the late Woodland Period from 1000 to 500 years ago into the Early Woodland period of 3000 years ago. This includes smoke pipes and pottery.

Native American timelines in North America.

Prior to the Woodland Period was the Archaic Natives living 8000-3000 years ago in New Jersey and there are multiple archeological dig sites in the state of Paleo-Indians dating from 13000-8000 years ago. One notable archeologic dig site of these ancient Natives is called The Plenge in Warren County.

Often when scanning the energy of a location, I will encounter Native American individuals or residual activity of native peoples. This makes sense because they were the original people of the land and left energy imprints for thousands of years before Europeans came here. So far in GHM videos I have amazingly seen and talked to Natives from recent history from around 1600-1700’s in Mountainville, NJ, Native Americans from about 1000 years ago at the Rock Shelter in Parsippany, NJ. And amazingly I even saw a small band of very ancient looking native Americans likely Paleo-Indian/Early Archaic time frame of 8000 to 10000 years ago at the Fairy Cave in Jenny Jump State Forest!

All of these encounters blow my mind and are intensely humbling. These wonderful original people from the land are deeply respect their land and I for some reason love honoring the land and place too.

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