Location #11 – Walkthrough – Van Slyke Castle – Ramapo Mountain State Forest, Wanaque, NJ

Ghost History Medium – #11 Walkthrough – Van Slyke Castle – Ramapo State Forest, Wanaque, NJ – YouTube

Wow! What a stunning location of the ruins of a massive stone mansion! This is a public location with access after a short hike into the woods. We meet two very wealthy businessmen associated with the building using it as a summer home 1909-1910. One of the men travels to Africa. Then a change in residence after the depression with abandonment. And then a new family with an angry and lonely women associated with the building and a divorce from 1950s-1960s. A painter lived there at some point and there was a massive fire. The state got the land in the 1970s-1980s. Stay tuned for the Investigation Reveal to see if any of this is true!

This video is for entertain purposes only.

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